Skrivet av: djupsnack | 08 december 2015

International Good Action Day, 8 december

Följande video publicerades idag av organisationen STOPPA förstörelsen av världen på internationella Good Action Day 8 december, tillägnad alla individer som ägnar sina liv åt goda handlingar. Klicka:
International Good Action Day

Här följer också utdraget ur boken Liberation of the People, av Norberto R. Keppe, som läses i videon:

A Call to Action
We want to summon all of you who have a practical nature, all who possess idealism and dynamism, all who believe in goodness, truth and beauty, to unite so that a new world can be built, a new society: the true Kingdom of Man on earth.

We are calling on all of you to bring about the greatest of all ”revolutions” that mankind has ever experienced. (…) We want to live life; we want to produce for ourselves and our fellow men; we want to live in peace with everyone. Nor can we let them go on exploiting us and killing us, pitting one class against another, one people against another, one profession against another. We intend to put a stop to all of this because we want to live in a time of peace now — that peace we have always desired but which has been denied us.

Boken kan för övrigt laddas ned gratis här: Liberation of the People




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